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The realization (hammered home by my recent posting on the subject) that it is twenty years since the release of Nirvana's In Utero set me wondering... with just a modicum of despair... about the music we were all listening to during the decade before that.


The Eighties have not had especially great press over the years. Read the majority of retrospectives, and either they were a riot of big hair, big shoulders and big drums; production techniques that were so up-to-date that they'd sound old-fashioned before the record finished; and Ratt... or, they were a morass of those grimy, grumpy sounding garage bands whose essential unlistenability gave birth to what we were told was College Rock.

Yeah, like anyone would even bother going to college, if that's all they had to listen to.

So, scroll down to the comments box at the bottom of the page (please?) and tell us your Top Ten albums of the age.

Keep your nominations to just one album per artist, please, so all you Bowie fans will finally have to make a choice between Tonight and Tin Machine. But if you have more (or less) than ten to choose from, that's fine. No need to list them in order... I can't decide between any of my ten, and really doesn't expect you to have to, either.

I'll begin with my ten... none of which I expect to see in the final poll. Which will be published here sometime around the end of year.

Oh, and one last point. Everything here was originally released on vinyl. And some of them may still only be available that way. Tut tut.

TV Smith - Channel 5

Len Bright Combo - Presents the Len Bright Combo....

Linda Thompson - One Clear Moment

Kate Bush - The Dreaming

Love & Rockets - Seventh Dream of Teenaged Heaven

Kiss That - Kiss and Tell

Lords of the New Church - Is Nothing Sacred

Fatal Charm - Endangered Species I

Marc & the Mambas - Torment & Torreros

Rolling Stones - Emotional Rescue

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