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Acute ready for prime time

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Arms Around A Stranger is the new album from the hot-shit Los Angeles indie-pop band Acute, and you should get to know its fuzz-toned guitar attack and catchy hooks.


A collection of gorgeously crafted soundscapes — pieced together with pedal steel, an armada of tasteful strings, a horn section and blissful piano — with melodies that'll make you swoon (for a review, see, Arms Around A Stranger is an early favorite for Top 10 albums of the year mention. Think the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds, as filtered through Grandaddy's space-pop modulator — whatever the hell that is.

Released May 7 on Help Records, Arms Around A Stranger was produced by one of today's pop producers extraordinaire, Dave Trumfio, who has also worked with Wilco and My Morning Jacket.

Of the experience, Isaac Lekach, vocalist and guitarist for Acute, said, "He was terrific. We are fortunate to have worked with him ... Dave has a fine ear and he's also an incredible engineer. We took our time finding the right amp/drum kit/mic configuration and I think it shows. Also, as a producer, Dave took the time before any of the recording actually started to fine-tune some arrangements and work the songs into shape."

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