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Child's Play

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Life always gets in the way of listening to good music, or at least, the music you believe is good. You get married and suddenly, you're "sharing" the car radio, and it's not really sharing because we all know who wins. The wife does and you're forced to listen to whatever she's feeling at the moment. Luckily for me, my better half has pretty good taste, but I digress.


The situation gets worse when you have kids. Then you start listening to music that's made for the 5-and-under crowd, and it's often sung by someone in a furry costume who's trying to be ever so nice, and ever so earnest and well-meaning, but condescending and safe all at the same time. The truth of the matter is that stuff blows darts and we all know it, and yet we all give in.

The real dangerous thing about it is this: as we all know, cognitive development is more important at that stage than at any other in a child's life, and you don't want them starting out listening to that pabulum. Otherwise, they might grow up listening to boy bands, or worse.

To get your child started on the right path, DeSoto Records offers Play, an album of children's songs written or covered by indie-rock's best and brightest. It promises to be a fun, brightly colored collection of songs that you and your child can bond over before they hit their teenage years and discover you're a horrible dictator whose every action should be rebelled against. That's the circle of life my friends.

The album is available through DeSoto mailorder or iTunes download. It will infiltrate stores on May 22.

In a press release, DeSoto head honcho, Kim Coletta, former bassist for the much-beloved mid-'90s, math-rockers Jawbox, says of the album, "The bands involved were charged with writing or covering a playful, upbeat children's song and they all blew me away with their wonderful creations. But more than that, I think we created a record that adults will love, too — even if you don't have kids. I hope you (and the kids in your life) enjoy it as much as I do."

Tracks are listed below:

Anna Oxygen — "Born to Shake"
Channels with Damon Locks — "Always Check For Holes"
Georgie James — "The Grizzly Jive"
Sgt. Major — "Nellie The Elephant"
Mudhoney — "I Like to Make Noise and Break Things"
Mock Orange — "Holiday Dinner Song"
Mirah and Tara Jane O'Neill — "Green Up Time"
Young Fresh Fellows — Picnic
Mary Timony — "Clap Your Hands"
Soccer Team — "I'll Never Fear Ghosts Again"
Supersuckers — "Rubber Biscuit"
The Cassettes — "Truck On (Truck)"
Ben Davis & The Jetts — "Bouncin' Party"
Visqueen — "Centerfield"
Travis Morrison — "Snack Time" (bonus track available only on the download)

Kid-sized t-shirts with the artwork of the record are also available. Go to to get a gander at 'em.