Deastro talks 'Abbey Road'

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Randy Chalbot is the driving force behind the Detroit electro-pop band Deastro, whose absolutely gorgeous video pastiche for "The Shaded Forests" — with its bittersweet, wonderfully crafted melody borne on mushrooming, heavenly synths and driving guitars — is included below. Deastro will be releasing its upcoming album, Moondagger, on Ghostly International June 22.

For our cover story on the making of Abbey Road for the June 5 edition of Goldmine, we asked a few of today's artists to share their thoughts about one of The Beatles' greatest albums. Chalbot took time to weigh in on the impact Abbey Road had on him as an artist:

"My earliest memory of Abbey Road was sitting at a pizza place with my grandparents when I was about 12. It was a grimy sports-bar type of an establishment. Dark with blue running lights, billiards and a thick haze of cigarette smoke, but probably some of the best pizza around. 'Maxwell's Silver Hammer' was playing on the radio, and for the first time the topic of the song broke through those jangled Beatles melodies. I sat there stunned. Who knew you could write a song about a serial head smasher. My pre-teen mind was racing. At first I felt a little guilty for enjoying it, like the first time you said the 'f word' before you realized what it meant and got your mouth washed out 'cause the kid next to you already knew what it meant from his older brother and told the teacher. After awhile though I caught onto the humor of it all and the possibilities that exist within a song. Plus the use of Moog synths throughout the album — even to play lead lines — were really important to the development of pop music and are the great granddad of what I try to do with my own music."

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