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Do you remember your first Kiss?


Take it from Kiss memorabilia expert Jacques van Gool of Backstage Auctions: If you think you're going to someday collect anything and everything related to the "Hottest Band in the World" – that, of course, being Kiss — it's never going to happen, chief.


So, if you're just getting started in the Kiss collecting game, do what Jacques says and stick to what floats your boat.

"I think Kiss is too big to have it all, and I would almost say that if you are a starting collector, and this really is the most important thing, is to try to figure out early on in your collecting career what type of item you like and focus on that. If you're a vinyl person, then focus on that. If you're a poster person, then focus on that. If you're a paper person, then go after books and the magazines. Whatever your vice might be, try to figure that out and stick to that because trying to do it all, trying to have it all — and I'm an expert — it'll seriously drive you crazy, because there is simply too much to have it all, and I think you'll enjoy your collection a lot more."

In the April 11 issue of Goldmine, which features Kiss on the cover and a story about the band's earliest performances, van Gool provides a look at Kiss collectibles. We'll tell you what items are the holy grails for Kiss collectors, give you a rundown on what Kiss conventions to hit, and provide photos of Kiss items Backstage Auctions has sold over the years and a little bit of pricing information. So, watch out for that.

One thing you'll find out that might surprise you is that Kiss signatures don't fetch a whole lot of cash. But, you'll have to read Goldmine to see why.

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