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Doughboys return

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The "Black Sheep" of the Goldmine family has returned from exile in the form of The Doughboys, the stomping garage-rock combo from New Jersey that featured acclaimed singer-songwriter Richard X. Heyman.


Several years ago, the band reunited and now, they have a new album called "Is It Now?" From that highly anticipated release comes "Black Sheep," a single touted by underground tastemaker and former Sopranos goon Little Steven Van Zandt as "the coolest song in the world." For proof, see the Underground Garage site at and then genuflect at the altar of his amazing show.

Van Zandt isn't the only Sirius DJ championing The Doughboys. Take it from Kid Leo, the Mighty Manfred, Genya Ravan, Bill Kelly and Andrew Loog Oldham, this song is pure nitroglycerine. And Oldham — the old Rolling Stones producer — should know a thing or two about red-hot bluesy garage-rock.

Looking for an RIYL recommendation? "Black Sheep" is what a street fight between The Pretty Things and The Stooges would sound like. It's got hooks as sharp as switchblades, and it'll cut you if you look at it funny.

Here's a little history: the Doughboys count among its members one Myke Scavone, who went on to front Ram Jam, who begat the classic "Black Betty," which begat Ezekial, who begat Abraham ... all right, so the Old Testament isn't my thing.

Go back through your issues of the last couple of years and you'll find a Goldmine feature on Ram Jam. Or, you can read it here at or

Word is getting out about The Doughboys resurgence. They recently headlined the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, N.J., a performance that was carried live on the radio station "The Hawk" in Atlantic City. In May, they'll play with none other than The Electric Prunes in Philadelphia.

Here's the roll call for The Doughboys: In addition to Heyman and Scavone, there is Mike Caruso on bass and Gar Francis, also known as Plainfield Slim (dude played on Billy Idol's recording of "Mony, Mony").

To see some live footage of the band, go to Tell 'em Goldmine sent you. You'll be glad you did.