Fishbone, Bad Brains and Living Colour? Make it happen

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All right, everyone. I want your undivided attention. Fishbone, the energetic, stage-diving, ska-metal-funk-soul-jazz circus that burned down concert venues and aurally intercoursed with your ears with its fiery sonic assault in the '80s and '90s, is back ... with a vengeance.


Featuring original members the manic Angelo Moore on saxophone, soulful lead vocals and general mayhem, and bassist Norwood Fisher (pictured at right, courtesy of, a man who can negotiate both the light-speed rhythms of punk and the fat grooves of funk, Fishbone, new lineup and all, is wilder and heavier than ever on its new record, Still Stuck In Your Throat (see
for review). Part of the reason is the molten, metallic riffs and subtle jazz stylings of former Suicidal Tendencies' guitarist Rocky George. I dare you to find anything hotter this summer than the crazed, all-out sonic blitz of "Let Dem Ho's Fight" or the tight, ska dance-party "Party With Saddam."

You might remember this band's t-shirts more than its music, which would be a damn shame. In the movie "Say Anything," a young Lloyd Dobber, played by John Cusack, wore the instantly recognizable skeletal fishbone t-shirt while wooing Ione Skye. No strangers to movies, Moore and Fisher also appeared recently in the OutKast imaginative, if flawed, movie "Idlewild' and the David Arquette movie, "The Tripper."

Anyway, Goldmine recently chatted up Fisher about the new record and his thoughts on Sly And The Family Stone, Parliament-Funkadelic, Jimi Hendrix and Tom Waits, of all people, for a feature story on the band that will appear in a future issue.

One of the interesting things Fisher touched on was a desire to have Fishbone tour with two of its contemporaries: the godfathers of reggae-punk, Bad Brains, and Living Colour — considering that both bands have either mounted comebacks or are plotting returns as we speak.

Fisher hinted at the possibility that Living Colour would come out with a new album next year. And Bad Brains, the band that perhaps unleashed the most fury of any American punk act ever, have a new disc titled Build A Nation due out June 26 that's produced by none other than the Beastie Boys Adam "MCA" Yauch.

"We've been talking about it for years," said Fisher. "Maybe 2008 is the time it becomes reality."

People, let's make this thing happen. Write your congressman, do a petition drive, sell your blood for money ... do whatever it takes to get these three bands together. That would be one of the hottest concert tours ever.