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Gram Parsons not in the Country Music Hall of Fame?

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The world is full of injustice. Oil companies are reaping record profits while the little people shell out $3.42 a gallon for gas. No-talent hacks like Simon Cowell and Paris Hilton are richer than God, and yet, the Pixies have to go on a reunion tour just to make the house payments. It's enough to make me want to drive my Geo Metro into a tree.


No doubt, these are vexing times. Along those lines, how is it that the cosmic cowboy Gram Parsons is not in the Country Music Hall of Fame? It's a travesty ... that's what it is. The man who basically invented alt.-country and has influenced everyone from the Rolling Stones and the Band to Wilco is not there. The man who was a key contributor to the Byrds' Sweetheart of the Rodeo, perhaps the first country-rock album, is on the outside looking in.

Perhaps it's the "rock" part of that equation that makes Nashville nervous. If that's the case, then what about Elvis or Johnny freakin' Cash?

You have the power to right this wrong. By going to, you can sign a petition and get this man the recognition he deserves.

Hey there: if you want to e-mail me your favorite Gram Parsons' recordings, I'd be glad to converse about them. Don't be shy kids.