Hopewell discusses 'Abbey Road' ... and their mom

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Growing ever wilder and more daring with each release, upstate New York's Hopewell has managed to traverse celestial worlds and the vast terrain of the imagination with its mix of powerful psychedelia and symphonic space-rock.

Hugely influenced by The Beatles, Hopewell has a new album out called Good Good Desperation, and the brothers Russo, Jason and Justin, also the driving force behind The Silent League, took time out of their very busy schedules these days to provide their thoughts on Abbey Road. But before we get into that, check out the video for "Monolith," the second video from Hopewell's Beautiful Targets album.

Jason Russo:

Growing up The Beatles were like uncles to us. My mom saw them at Shea Stadium when they first came to the U.S. Abbey Road was a record that I loved in different stages. As a kid I loved the more childlike songs and later on I became more enamored with John’s contributions. The lyrics to “Come Together” have remained some of my favorite rock lyrics to this day. Between that and “I Am the Walrus” the gauntlet has been thrown for generations. The medley at the end was something that Justin and I have referenced every time we write music together. When we got the opportunity to do some work at Abbey Road’s Studio’s early in Hopewell’s career we refrained from taking the requisite “walking across the crosswalk” photo. But we were (literally) like kids in a candy store, peering through open doors as if expecting to see George or Paul sharing a smoke.

Justin Russo:

The Beatles are like history's musical wallpaper at this point, but how can you not love them? Everybody's influenced by them. It's unavoidable ... and Abbey Road, in my opinion, is one of their true gems. (Well they all were, but you know what I mean). Every song on that album is hands down amazing, and, well, anyone who says that second half didn't change their life is lying or lives under a rock. When people tell me Abbey Road is their favorite Beatles album, I know they know what they are talking about.

For more on Hopewell, check out www.hopewell.tv/ or go to www.teepeerecords.com

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