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Nice shot


When somebody tells Frank Cavanagh "hey man, nice shot" these days, he's probably firing rounds at an inanimate target. At least, hopefully, in the future, that's all he's going to be shooting at ... for his sake.


Now an Army officer, Sgt. Cavanagh used to play bass for the band Filter, which had a huge hit in the '90s with the dark electronic nihilism and raging industrial guitars of "Hey Man Nice Shot," off the album Short Bus. Recently, Cavanagh flew to Kuwait to perform "Hey Man Nice Shot" with his former band for the Operation MySpace concert on the evening of March 10 that was arranged for the troops.

The U.S. Army gave its blessing for the reunion, as Cavanagh is due to begin his tour of duty later this month. Whatever your feelings about the War in Iraq, this is kind of a touching story, the kind you don't get much in rock.

"I love the Army and I love Filter," Cavanagh said. "To be able to join (Filter frontman) Richard (Patrick) and my former band for the first time in nearly six years is a huge honor. To perform this song with the band in Kuwait holds a truly special meaning for me, as I am able to share the musical part of my life with my brothers and sisters who are serving our country."

Patrick said, "It was an honor for us to perform for the troops in Kuwait at the Operation MySpace concert. Having my former bandmate and current enlisted Army Sergeant Frank Cavanagh on stage next to me made this a show that I will remember for the rest of my life."

Nowadays, Filter includes Patrick, vocals; Charles Lee (Loser), bass; Mika Fineo (Red Skeleton), drums; and Mitchell Marlow (He Is Legend), guitar. Filter performed Filter classics, plus tracks from Anthems For The Damned, a new Filter album due out May 13 on Pulse Recordings.

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