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Presidents Of The United States Of America are back


With an election year approaching, what better time for a Presidents Of The United States Of America revival?


Yes, the same good-natured, kung fu-loving, funny men of '90s alternative-rock — the same ones who brought you "Peaches" and "Lump" — are back, and man, could America use a laugh.

The inauguration is March 11, when PUSA drops These Are Good Times People on Fugitive Records, an offshoot of EMI. The first single is "Mixed Up SOB," and it promises to be a bouncy bit of infectious party pop. And just to show they've been paying attention to the indie scene of the new millennium, there's a Shins-like quality to "Loose Balloon."

This is not insignificant news here people. Their debut has sold 4.5 million copies. Remember the days when record companies could push those kind of numbers?

These days, the lineup includes original members Chris Ballew, vocalist and basitar (half guitar, half bass), and drummer Jason Finn, as well as new guitbass player Andrew McKeag.

A world tour begins in March. For more information, visit and/or