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Radio, radio

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"So, you had better do as you are told/You better listen to the radio" — Elvis Costello


Today, Goldmine enters a whole new era as the magazine you grew up with begins airing its own Internet radio station. So, do as Elvis says and tune in, or he'll come over to your house with The Brodsky Quartet and give you the beating of a lifetime.


We're still in the planning stages regarding programming but look for a radio show run by yours truly coming soon. It'll feature interviews with artists from today and yesterday, perhaps a review or two of some new releases, and some hopefully enlightening conversations with vinyl record dealers and other hobby experts. We'll get 'em to provide some hot tips on what various records are worth and what to look for when doing some serious crate digging.

As far as the music goes, we're going to be presenting an eclectic roster of songs, with the focus set squarely on the classic rock we all grew up with. Unlike commercial radio, we're going to be going deep into albums to get the best cuts, not just the ones spoon fed to you on your radio dial. Expect a mix of blues, prog-rock, a smattering of punk, and, of course, the great classic-rocks cuts you love. Just go to, and find the logo above.

So, give us a listen, and feel free to send me your comments or thoughts on what we can do to make the experience more enjoyable for you.