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Siren song

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Airy vocal harmonies, dreamy melodies and starry atmospheres — that's what Dirty On Purpose is made of. Oh, and don't forget puppy-dog tails.


For good reason, Dirty On Purpose's Hallelujah Sirens made scads of best-of 2006 lists, and now, the New York City combo is readying the release of a stunning, five-song EP called Like Bees, due out Jan. 15. Inhabiting the night sky you stare at longingly every night from the balcony of your city apartment, Dirty On Purpose (photo at right by Gregory Wilson) meld influences as diverse as My Bloody Valentine, Galaxie 500 and Sonic Youth on this release.

From the silvery strum of the title track, featuring the angelic female lead vocals of Jaymay, to the carefully manicured guitar of "Back To Sleep" and its stormy crescendos, to the racing, gritty cover of Real Life's New Wave hit "Send Me An Angel," Dirty On Purpose is as epic and awe-inspiring as Explosions In The Sky, while also adept at crafting compelling songs and not just wandering in the generous sprawl of its compositions.

"Audience in the Room" is a brand-new track from Dirty On Purpose and it's a winning mix of everything that makes Dirty On Purpose one of the most amazing new bands out there.

"'Audience in the Room' is about the feeling of being onstage, under lights, and you've got a million things running through your mind, and you wish everyone would stop starting at you," says Doug Marvin. "I wrote the song as an instrumental years ago, for a former band, but only recently showed it to this band and wrote words for it. I love how it turned out!"

Of the "Send Me An Angel" cover, band member Joe Jurewicz says, "George [Wilson, also of Dirty On Purpose] was hellbent on doing a cover of this song, because it was in the movie "RAD" (a BMX '80s movie), which him and his brother watched every for two weeks last summer."

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