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Summer of Love sells

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What better way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love than with a little bit of free-market commerce. Hey, if Ben and Jerry can make capitalism work for them, why can't Time Life?


While the iron is definitely hot, Time Life will release, on June 19, a 40-song double CD with songs from that summer that defined a generation and its counterculture titled Summer of Love: Hits of 1967 (Time Life) and, not surprisingly, it gives off an odor of patchouli. Well, that last bit is not true, but really, don't you think it should?

Comprised of "hippie anthems, stoner faves, and classic AM and FM hits," according to the PR people promoting the box set, it features tracks like The Byrds' "So You Want to be a Rock 'N' Roll Star," Cream's "I Feel Free," and Strawberry Alarm Clock's "Incense and Peppermints." Whether it digs a little deeper back into those acts' Bible-thick catalogs remains to be seen.

While all those tracks probably already have a place in your iPod, the real prize from this collection might just be the My Generation DVD. What promises to be an in-depth study of how the hippie movement came to flower-power, the DVD boasts rare footage of Bay Area artists doing their thing during the Summer of Love.

There's Janis Joplin jamming with Big Brother and The Holding Company on "Ball and Chain" and a jam session bringing together the prodigious talents of Santana (Goldmine's May 25 cover), the Grateful Dead and the Jefferson Airplane. Performance footage from Crosby, Stills and Nash, the Rolling Stones and The Who is included.

Keep an eye on for more information and do stay tuned for Goldmine's Summer of Love 40th Anniversary issue, coming out this summer. How's that for kismet?

Memories: Anybody out there old enough to remember the Summer of Love? If so, send some of them my way. Who knows? They just might make into Goldmine.