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Talking (Heavy) Trash

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Mean as a rattlesnake and loaded with twice as much venom, Heavy Trash's Going Way Out With Heavy Trash is, hands down, the best rockabilly album in ages. The product of the diseased imaginations of Jon Spencer, he of Blues Explosion and Pussy Galore fame, and Speedball Baby guitar demon Matt Verta-Ray, Heavy Trash (photo at right by Ali Smith) explodes out of the speakers with a ferocious, red-hot, vintage '50s-inspired rock 'n' roll swagger on its latest album.


"We Were Kings" is a fuzz-toned rave-up of Biblical proportions, while "Crazy Pritty Baby" and "Kissy Baby" are ripped straight from the jukeboxes of your parents' malt shop. And there's enough sweaty garage-rock rebellion in tracks like the rootsy "Outside Chance" and "I Want Oblivion" to start a riot. If you like Link Wray and other '50s rock 'n' rollers such as Charlie Feathers, you should get to know Heavy Trash.

In a recent e-mail chat with Verta-Ray (the full version of which will soon be posted at he talked about some of his '50s rock 'n' roll heroes. When asked if he thought Heavy Trash's deconstruction of vintage rock 'n' roll tropes was honoring past masters, Verta-Ray said, "I think Link Wray is my absolute favorite guitarist and Sun Records is my favorite studio/legacy, so it's not surprising that those things are in every cell of our makeup. I'm not conscious of honoring them, but sometimes putting oneself in the kind of head that those might have been operating in can give clues and 'messages' from the past while work is going on."


Verta-Ray's enthusiasm for vintage rock 'n' roll is contagious. He, and Spencer, believe acts like Charlie Feathers and Johnny Burnette and the Rock and Roll trio got a raw deal as far as public acclaim is concerned. And Verta-Ray is excited about how rockabilly is taking off in, of all places, Italy. Read for more on this fantastic combo.

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