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Cy Curnin, lead singer and songwriter for '80s New Wave hitmakers The Fixx, has a very different life these days.


Having just turned 50, Curnin celebrated his birth by climbing Mt. Everest with a group of musicians dedicated to raising money and awareness to fight cancer (see, an organization formed by The Alarm's Mike Peters). Away from the limelight, Curnin lives on a farm in France, where he raises, among other things, sheep.

"Yeah, it's a very different life, but it has as much rhythm as any drum box," says Curnin. "It's the rhythm of life — feet on the ground, the cycles of seasons. The sense of calmness being around animals. I mean, I know that sounds a bit corny, having written an album called Calm Animals, but it's the way they communicate with each other puts you in another state and being around them is very calming. The physical activity keeps you strong, keeps you fit, and stops you pulling at threads you shouldn't really be pulling at, sometimes in your own brain, and destroying the tapestry there and nitpicking away at doubt and should have beens and would have beens and could have beens. You don't have time for that on the farm. It's like you reap what you sow."

Curnin is doing just that on his new solo album, The Returning Sun. Intimate and personal, with a bright pop sound light years from the cavernous, paranoic synth worlds created by The Fixx, The Returning Sun, out on Curnin's own label Squirrel Eats Nuts, is a welcome change of pace for Curnin.

For more information on the release, which came out Nov. 6, visit and To hear a podcast with Curnin, check out Stay tuned for an interview with The Fixx's main man in the next issue of Goldmine.