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The sons of Aerosmith also rise

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Living proof that there is a whole lot of truth in the adage "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree," the barnstorming, bluesy power trio Tab The Band are set to write their own chapter in rock history.


On Monday, Tab, featuring brothers Tony and Adrian Perry, whose dad is none other than Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, drop the breakneck, dirt-devil LP Pulling Out Just Enough to Win on North Street Records. And believe me, the boys of Tab more than lives up to the legend of their father.

Reminiscent of early Aerosmith, with heavy doses of slide guitar from guitarist Tony and a relentless rhythm section, Tab, also propelled by drummer Ben Tileston, is also drawing comparisons to a wide range of classic and contemporary rock heavyweights, channeling everyone from Deep Purple and The Stooges to Guns & Roses and The White Stripes on ballsy songs like "Le Colonelle" and "The Continental." Getting down and dirty, and shaking the shit right off their shoes, Tab launches into "Chuckles," seemingly pulled right out of a lost Rolling Stones session for Exile On Main Street, an album the boys of Tab unabashedly love.

Hastily recorded in about a week's time, with another record on the way due out later in 2008, Pulling Out Just Enough to Win is full of relatable stories about life's shameful little foibles, told with a cheeky grin.

Keep on the lookout for an interview with Tony and Adrian on the Goldmine web site,, or stayed tuned to Goldmine radio for portions of the conversation and to hear tracks off the threesome's new record.