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The 5 things Slash would like you to know

The 5 things Slash of Guns N' Roses fame would like you to know about his career, his childhood and his recent collaboration with the Conspirators.
Slash 2022. 

Slash 2022. 

Slash is one of the most well loved guitarists in all of rock and roll — not only for the music he's created with Guns N' Roses but for his solo work and collaborations as well. He seems exceedingly proud of his latest collaboration with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators and the outcome of their new album, simply titled 4.

Slash tells a lot in the latest issue of Goldmine (April/May 2022) out on newsstands now, but here are the five crucial things the famous Guns N' Roses guitarist would like you to know about his career, his childhood and his recent collaboration with the Conspirators.

Conspiritors 4 LP


Growing up around famous music artists 

My mom was a clothes designer all through the ’60s through the mid-‘70s, and she worked with a real myriad of amazing artists from Stevie Wonder to Helen Reddy to the Pointer Sisters to John Lennon to David Bowie. All these artists that I was around and I was in that environment all the time. But then also, my dad was an album cover graphic designer working with Asylum Records with David Geffen when I was a kid. So, I was living up in the Canyon, we were friends with Joni Mitchell, Dave Crosby, and like all these people in the Canyon that my dad, and my mom as well, were working with. 


On writing songs during a tour 

It’s how I fill my downtime when we’re touring. And then just put the stuff together after the tour and then put out the record for the next tour! (laughs) It works out that way. This record (4 with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators), we had a conversation about how cool records were done in the ’60s and ’70s… a record that was really live where the backline was in the room. And we just did it that way. 


The difference between performing with vocalists Myles Kennedy and Axl Rose.

It’s really not something that you’re conscious of, because they’re just two very different people, you know what I mean? So, there’s nothing about either one of them that makes me think about the other. Myles sort of does what he does, and he’s got a very specific personality. Axl does what he does, and he’s got a very specific personality. And I never really think about the similarities and the differences.


If he owns Guns N’ Roses' Appetite for Destruction album on vinyl with its original (banned) cover

Well, you have to understand — I mean, it’s like this for all the records I do — I don’t collect any of it. If you were to come to my house, you’d be hard pressed to know I was in a band. Or at least any band you had heard of. I mean there’s instruments around, but I don’t have any, like, souvenirs or anything special from the releases over the years. I don’t think I’ve ever owned the Appetite for Destruction record. And even if I did, I didn’t live anywhere, so I wouldn’t have any place to put it! Granted, I did have a lot of records I’ve kept. But I just never was one to sort of really collect records of the bands that I’m actually in. Does that make sense?


On dealing with fame

Someone like me, who is not really into fame for fame’s sake or that kind of thing, you have to appreciate that your path has brought you to having whatever recognition for whatever it is that you do. You know, you have to appreciate that. When someone has some sort of attachment to you for what you produce. So, I might not always be comfortable in a public situation, because my personality doesn’t lend itself to that. But I never, you know, I always appreciate the fact that it’s because of whatever I did musically. It’s a double-edged sword kind of thing. I don’t like the sort of attention. If I’m not playing guitar, I try not to draw attention. But at the same time, you can’t resent it, because it means something for what it is that you do.



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