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Vinylkey claims NFT-linked LP releases will  "change the game" for record collectors and others

Why vinylkey claims that NFT-linked LP releases can change the record collecting hobby.
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Vinylkey recently announced the next level in collectible vinyl — the first-ever album release to take place as a physical LP linked with an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. The cutting edge technology not only bridges the gap between the traditional and digital marketplaces like never before, but it’s also a game-changer for both musicians and their fans moving forward. Here’s how:

For musicians: vinylkey offers advantages that sales of traditional LPs do not, including the opportunity to earn continued royalties through resale, knowledge of who the artist's "superfans" are by tracking the sales history, and the ability to connect with and reward those biggest fans-turned-NFT owners.

For fans: in owning this distinctive collectible from their favorite artists, fans receive the highest peace of mind via the Ethereum blockchain - granting enduring proof of both authenticity and ownership of their one-of-a-kind LP that can never be disputed.

vinylkey is so dedicated to benefitting fans and musicians because above all, they are fans and musicians. The groundbreaking technology comes from the creative team behind Citizen Vinyl in Asheville; a record press facility, analog recording studio, performance space, and record shop established in the city's historic Citizen-Times newspaper building. CEO and founder Gar Ragland is a New England Conservatory-educated musician and longtime Asheville record producer (formerly at the revered Echo Mountain Studio). In early December, vinylkey partnered with Moses Sumney to bring this truly state-of-the-art product to life for the first time.

Watch as Moses hand-presses a special edition of his album Live From Blackalachia linked with a video NFT here.

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More info on vinylkey HERE.