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Ask The Expert: A Peggy Lee acetate and Patti Page EP

Goldmine answers vinyl record questions from readers regarding a Peggy Lee acetate and Patti Page EP.
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Question: I have come across a Peggy Lee album (above) with a typed label. I’m not sure what to think about it. It’s in an estate for a woman who has had to go to assisted living and her funds are very limited. We’re hoping there’s some value there. We would appreciate your opinion and thank you in advance for your help. I haven’t found a sleeve or a cover yet.

— Lee Ann Robertson, via email

Answer: That’s an acetate of the stereo LP — an item made to determine whether the master tape will transfer well to vinyl and sounds like what the producer intends. There are probably fewer than five acetates of any given album. Unfortunately, Peggy Lee acetates are not high-value items.

That’s what it is nevertheless. A fan of Peggy might certainly be interested, but they are not likely to pay a bundle for it. Similar acetates have sold on eBay for $25-$30 in the last few years.

— Frank Daniels,
Goldmine columnist/contributor


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Question: Just picked up a Patti Page EP for $2 at an antique shop (above). Not in your catalog. Mercury EP 3060. Information on the back reads, in part: “Last year she was one of the brightest starts with the traveling musical extravaganza, ‘Biggest How of 1952.’” Which would lead one to speculate that the EP was issued in 1953.

— Tim S., via email

Answer: You are correct, your EP — titled “I Miss You So” — was released in 1953 and, besides the title track, includes several more of her best loved early songs: “It’s Been So Long,” “Ding Dong Boogie” and “It All Depends On You.”Great picture sleeve, too! Unfortunately, as with so many other “popular” artists of this period, there is very little collector interest in Patti’s releases, hence the non-appearance of many in the catalog. However, it’s definitely a great find, particularly with the sleeve still in place.

— Dave Thompson,
Goldmine columnist/contributor
Author of Goldmine Price Guides