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Ask The Expert: Spot the naming error

On a 45, if singers’ names are under the wrong song is there a value added? Ask The Expert says... it depends.
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Q: On a 45, if singers’ names are under the wrong song is there a value added? There are different artists on this 45 (shown above).

— Pam Morgan, via email

A: Printing errors can be of interest (if not necessarily value), but they are dependent upon a lot of factors. For example, is the artist one who commands a sizable following among collectors? I own a copy of TV Smith’s Explorers’ 1981 “Perfect Life” single (Kaleidoscope, U.K.), misprinted to credit TV Smith alone, and have yet to meet a single person who is as excited about it as I am.

The other major consideration is, was the error ever corrected; and, if so, how many copies are out there? If every single copy bears the same mistake, then that’s just the way the record is. If, however, an eagle-eyed proof reader stopped the presses after a mere handful were produced, and it was fixed, then at the very least, you’d have an interesting variety.

However, this is not a big ticket single by a much collected artist. And the entire press run seems to have carried the same labels as these, so the error wasn’t corrected either (“Confidential” is actually sung by Edna McGriff). Interestingly, though, according to a post on 45cat, the same two songs, credited to the same two artists, appeared on the 3-CD set Music For The Millions - Gems From Bell Records USA ... and nobody noticed it there, either!

— Dave Thompson
Author of the 45 RPM Records Price Guide, 8th Ed.