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'Bold As Love: Jimi Hendrix at Home' exhibit opens in November

The exhibit 'Bold As Love: Jimi Hendrix at Home' opens to the public in Seattle on Jimi’s 76th birthday, November 27, 2018.
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SEATTLE, WA — The Northwest African American Museum (NAAM), in partnership with Experience Hendrix L.L.C. and Authentic Hendrix LLC, is proud to introduce their newest exhibition, celebrating Seattle’s own Jimi Hendrix. The much anticipated exhibit, Bold As Love: Jimi Hendrix at Home, opens to the public on Jimi’s 76th birthday, November 27, 2018. The work offers a rare and detailed look at Jimi’s Seattle origins through the lens of those closest to him and by his own artistic eyes. Through archival and family photos, his own artwork, personal artifacts, music, and multimedia, visitors will discover how the icon’s Seattle upbringing shaped his life and career. The collection of art and visual effects is being billed as more than an exhibition, but an experience that will take museum guests on a journey into the life of James Marshall “Jimi” Hendrix, whose rise to stardom was meteoric, but whose feet never left the ground.

“We wanted people to come away feeling like they know Jimi on a different level. He was a complex and beautiful human being. His music was just a part of who he was,” explains Janie Hendrix, President & CEO of Experience Hendrix, L.L.C. and Authentic Hendrix, LLC. “Bold As Love: Jimi Hendrix at Home is our way of showing some of the many facets of Jimi at various stages of his life, not just on stage. This exhibit reveals Jimi the man, not only as a performer.”

The world recognizes Jimi Hendrix as an unequivocally gifted rock star who changed the world of music forever. He transformed the electric guitar into an instrument the world would embrace, raising the standards of rock music and making it more of an art form. He continues to have international appeal, but few recognize his humble beginnings here in Seattle. The exhibit opens the door to his home.

Growing up primarily in Seattle’s Central District, Jimi’s exposure to music began at an early age and was cultivated by his father, James “Al” Hendrix. Jimi’s infatuation with the guitar started with a broom, as observed by his dad. He then graduated to a one-string ukulele, and finally a guitar. Never formally trained, Jimi was a self-taught musician, listening intently the sounds of blues and jazz at home. His unique style of dress, later displayed in life, was also part of his family’s legacy. His colorful costumes paid homage to his grandmother’s vaudevillian roots, as did his stunning theatrical performances. Each a vestige of home. His musical genius, personified by his free spirit and self-awareness, would ultimately make Seattle proud, and the universe his friend.

“The Northwest African American Museum (NAAM) is delighted to partner with Experience Hendrix L.L.C. and Authentic Hendrix LLC on this profoundly important exhibition that explores the life and musical genius of Jimi Hendrix from the perspective of his Seattle roots,” said LaNesha DeBardelaben, Executive Director at NAAM. “His brilliance and legacy inspire us because he’s one of us. This is a unique opportunity to see Seattle through his eyes and what he cherished. Young or old, there is something for everyone to learn and discover in this exhibition.”

Bold As Love: Jimi Hendrix at Home will run November 27, 2018 through May 5, 2019 at the Northwest African American Museum (2300 S. Massachusetts Street, Seattle, WA 98144). Entrance to the museum and the grand opening event is free and open to the public on November 27. It will include a birthday celebration and music, and to commemorate the opening, the first 76 people to sign up for a new NAAM membership, will receive a curated gift from Experience Hendrix and NAAM. Learn more about membership on our website.

About Experience Hendrix, L.L.C. & Authentic Hendrix, LLC

Founded by Jimi Hendrix’s father James “Al” Hendrix and owned and operated by his personally chosen members of the family; Experience Hendrix, L.L.C. and its wholly owned subsidiary Authentic Hendrix, LLC manage the globally recognized Jimi Hendrix copyrights and trademarks. Their administration of the exclusive right to Jimi’s music and lyrics, plus an extensive photo archive helps create a legacy of products that mirror Jimi’s own creative vision.