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Classified Frequency premiere "Black Eye" lyric video

Power Pop matters! And so does the sound of Classified Frequency! Check out the band's premiere video of "Black Eye."
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Power Pop matters! And so does the sound of Maryland-based band Classified Frequency!

A little about the band; remember 1999? American Pie just came out, Tony Hawk landed his first ever 900, and everyone was FREAKING out about Y2K. There were also a slew of great power-pop/punk bands pumping out jams and Classified Frequency, brings those vibes with a 2018 facelift.

The single "Black Eye" is the title track from the band's upcoming EP that will be released on 9/25. The lyrics are definitely a warning.

"'Black Eye' is kind of my warning to the world," explains vocalist/guitarist Matthew Berry, "that if we don’t learn from history, we’re doomed to repeat it and it’ll be much worse the second time around."

Black Eye's power pop sound is partially credited to producer Jim Ebert (Marvelous 3, Butch Walker, All Time Low) and mixer Jamie Woolford (The Gin Blossoms, The Stereo).

Below is the premiere of Classified Frequency's "Black Eye" lyric video. Enjoy!