Collector's Corner: Check record Values for Elvis Presley's Memphis 1969 sessions

The songs from Elvis Presley’s Memphis ’69 sessions have been released numerous times over the years. What are they worth and where can you find them?
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The songs from Elvis Presley’s Memphis ’69 sessions have been released numerous times over the years.

The easiest way to get all the songs is on the 1999 collection Suspicious Minds: The Memphis 1969 Anthology, which has the master takes of every recording along with previously unreleased material.

Here’s a select look at the values of some earlier releases with these songs (prices taken from Jerry Osborne’s “Presleyana VI”):

The original singles (“In The Ghetto,” “Suspicious Minds,” “Don’t Cry Daddy,” “Kentucky Rain”) all have orange labels — the promos yellow labels — and are worth $10 and $40, respectively. Picture sleeves add value; the sleeves for “Don’t Cry Daddy” and “Kentucky Rain” are worth $30, while the sleeve for “Suspicious Minds” is worth $25. “Ghetto” had two different picture sleeves; the first, that reads “Coming Soon From Elvis In Memphis LP Album,” is worth $30, while the second version, reading “Ask For From Elvis In Memphis LP Album,” is worth $50.

Regarding From Elvis In Memphis, initial versions of the album came with a red, black, and white inner sleeve (which had pictures of other Presley releases), and a bonus 8"x10" still with a mass-produced signature (plugged via a sticker on the album’s cover); it’s worth $100. The promo version of the album (which is stamped “Not For Sale”) is worth $125. In 1982, Mobile Fidelity Sound label released a limited-edition version of the album; it’s worth $50. The first CD release of the album in 1991 is worth $25.

With regard to From Memphis To Vegas/From Vegas To Memphis, each record in this two-album set had its own title: Elvis In Person At The International Hotel, Las Vegas and Back In Memphis. The original album came with red, black and white inner sleeves and two 8"x10"s of Presley (again plugged by a sticker on the shrink wrap). It’s worth $550. The promo version (again stamped “Not For Sale”) is worth $600.

Later 1969 and 1971 editions of the set, which didn’t have the 8"x10"s, are worth $300. Each album was also released individually. The first release of Back In Memphis is worth $100; the promo edition $125. The 1992 CD is worth $25.

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