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Collector's Corner: What's the market like for Rory Gallagher records?

With Rory Gallagher, it’s all a matter of Taste. At least, it is when it comes to the prices Gallagher’s records command in the vinyl collecting market.

With Rory Gallagher, it?s all a matter of Taste. At least, it is when it comes to the prices Gallagher?s records command in the vinyl collecting market.

Taste was the band Gallagher was in before the Irish blues guitar sensation of the ?60s and ?70s went solo, and the records they made probably do have some value.

?His Taste stuff is more collectible,? says dealer Paul Aaronson. ?They had a couple of albums on Atco that?ll go for $15 to $20.?

Overall, though he has legions of fans that remain loyal to this day, Gallagher?s records, according to Aaronson, simply aren?t that rare. And his U.S. releases, in particular, don?t fetch high prices.

?His U.S. stuff is not that collectible,? advises Aaronson. ?He had a lot of records on Polydor and Chrysalis that sold well. He?s got a bunch of $15 to $20 records.?

There could be a couple of exceptions. Aaronson says an import copy of Gallagher?s 1974 Irish Tour album could get $35 to $40 ? of course, a lot depends on the condition of the piece when it comes to the prices people are willing to pay for such items.

Another piece of advice: Be on the lookout for Gallagher white-label promo records. Such items are often rare.

?Maybe some white-label promos would be valuable, but I can?t remember seeing any,? says Aaronson.

Despite how the easy availability of Gallagher?s records adversely affects prices, they?re far from worthless.

?If you could find some Rory Gallagher in a tag sale at a store, I?d pick ?em up,? says Aaronson. ?I can always re-sell them and make something on ?em. He?s certainly a worthy artist, and anytime you can find any of his records fairly cheap, it?s not a bad idea to buy them.?

Not everybody buys records as an investment, though, and when it comes to Rory, wouldn?t you rather play the record anyway?