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For the love of collecting Connecticut music

The music collection of Connecticut rock ’n’ roll historian, Paul Bezanker, will be on display June 1 for other collectors to check out.

A premier record collection of Connecticut artists will be available for inspection starting June 1 for researchers and collectors! The collection – consisting of 1,124 45s, 366 12-inch albums, and 46 78 RPM discs and acetates – is the collection of Connecticut rock’n’roll historian, Paul Bezanker. Bezanker is the author of three books in a series titled “Connecticut Rocks! The History of Connecticut Rock’N’Roll!”©

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Bezanker, now retired and permanently residing in South Florida, reached a confidential agreement with well-respected long-time record collector, Jerry Crane of West Suffield, Connecticut. Crane is the official archivist and keeper of the Bezanker Connecticut Collection.

The collection not only includes the 45s, LPs, and 78s. It also includes signed copies of all of Bezanker’s “Connecticut Rocks!” books, out-of-print Connecticut-based music magazines which were one of the sources of data for Bezanker’s research, and much more.

The Bezanker Connecticut Collection is available for researchers and collectors. A short list of rules are a necessity:


  1. By appointment only (Contact Jerry Crane at 1-860-668-5783, or by email at
  2. Crane must be present during all Access sessions to the collection.
  3. Recording of tapes or CDs, and/or photos are permitted only with Mr. Crane’s approval.

Bezanker hopes that visitors to the collection will come to appreciate the diversity and unlimited creative talent of the many artists from the great State of Connecticut!