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Dark Hall Mansion expands on a Beatles favorite

Dark Hall Mansion reveals an officially licensed Beatles limited edition print, "Pepperland" (influenced by Yellow Submarine) by Marq Spusta, on sale October 27th, 2015.

Variant Gold Edition: 36" x 24"

Dark Hall Mansion reveals a piece over a year in the making, an officially licensed Beatles limited edition print, "Pepperland," by contemporary artist, Marq Spusta, on sale October 27th, 2015.

Dark Hall Mansion, working with Apple Corps Ltd and Bravado International, their North American licensing agent, will release Marq Spusta's amazing journey into the very heart of the Beatles' world. This gorgeous and meticulously illustrated piece has taken artist Marq Spusta over a year to complete on and off, and its tone radiates as much about beauty, art, and love as does the brilliance that is the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine."

DHM's officially licensed Beatles Marq Spusta "Pepperland" limited edition Standard print measures 36" x 24," Marq's largest piece ever, is an 10-color screen print, hand numbered, with all editions artist-signed by Marq Spusta himself, and limited to a worldwide run of 455 pieces at $90. Marq's Gold Variant edition "Pepperland" is a 36" x 24" 10-color screen print on a golden paper stock personally chosen by Marq, hand numbered, and artist-signed, this edition limited to only 150 pieces worldwide at $125. The select Foil edition "Pepperland" measures 36" x 24," is a 9-color screen print, on foil stock, also hand numbered and artist-signed, and limited to only 30 editions worldwide at $195.

Standard Edition: 36" x 24"

Standard Edition: 36" x 24"

Marq Spusta's Beatles "Pepperland" limited edition prints may also be viewed at Dark Hall Mansion's Facebook page

"Pepperland" 36" x 24" Standard edition of 455: $90
"Pepperland 36" x 24" Variant edition of 150: $125
"Pepperland 36" x 24" Select Foil edition of 30: $195

All editions are screen printed, hand numbered, and personally signed by artist Marq Spusta.

All editions go on sale next Tuesday, Oct 27th, 2015 at 9:30 AM PST on Dark Hall Mansion dedicated Store page

The Beatles limited edition print series is created by Dark Hall Mansion. 'The Beatles’ is a registered trademark of Apple Corps Limited.