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According to Devon Allman

Singer, guitarist and son of Gregg Allman weighs in on his favorite songs by his father’s legendary band.

By Chris M. Junior

Devon Allman

If it’s March, that means you’ll find The Allman Brothers Band playing its annual residency at the Beacon Theatre in Manhattan.

In years past, you’d sometimes find singer/guitarist Devon Allman — son of bandleader Gregg Allman — sitting in with the group. The younger Allman doesn’t expect to join the ABB onstage this year, but he will be playing in New York during the band’s Beacon run.

“It just so happens to be on one of their nights off,” Devon says in reference to his March 10 gig at Rockwood Music Hall supporting “Turquoise,” his new solo album. “Obviously the show is angled toward Allman Brothers fans who are in the city and have that night off along with the band.”

Asked to pick his five favorite Allman Brothers Band songs, Devon immediately responds with a pained “Oh, man,” followed by some laughter, before getting down to business.

* “Dreams” — “That’s my favorite song in their catalog. It just has this otherworldly component to it. It’s just a sneaky song that really grabs you. I’ve played the lead solo on that song in my dad’s solo band many times, and that’s become tradition with us.”

* “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” — “Just for composition alone. I think it’s just absolutely stellar.”

* “Sailing ’Cross the Devil’s Sea” — “That’s from the early 1990s [album called "Where It All Begins"]. That is an amazing song with fantastic lyrics.”

* “Little Martha” — “Duane’s acoustic solo piece always moves me. It’s just a special, simple song.”

* “Midnight Rider” — “That one has always stuck with me as a timeless song. It’s been covered a hundred times. That one just never gets old — great lyrics and great mood.”