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Discogs confirms rare Prince album sale

Only 50 copies of the 1994 Prince/Warner Brothers limited-edition release variant were pressed.
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Only 50 copies of the 1994 Prince/Warner Brothers limited-edition release variant were pressed*

Discogs confirms the Most Expensive Item Sold for January 2018 is the 1994 Warner Brothers limited-edition numbered grey variant release of Prince's 'Black Album' selling for $5,332.00USD. This particular variant of the coveted Prince release came in a white sleeve without title, credits, or performer, with the catalog number (1-45793) and record company information appearing only on the spine and was numbered #001 to #050.

Other notable sales - Minor Threat's 1981 Dischord Records 7" misprint release 'In My Eyes' at $2,500.00USD and Nirvana's 1988 Sub Pop Singles Club release of 'Love Buzz b/w Big Cheese' at $2,483.00USD. For the entire Most Expensive Items Sold For January 2018 visit HERE.

Discogs also launched multiple improvements to its user's functionality and features within their collection management system. Now, users can filter by format, genre, style, release year, and within personally customized folders while also filtering collection statistics like minimum, median and the maximum value of items in their collection.

Other improvements include enhanced collection search tools and greatly improved cover art display under the "Cover View" function. For a complete overview of the improvements to functionality in the Discogs collection management features, please visit the Discogs Blog.


*Additional information via the Discogs Database contributors. There are more than the 50 numbered copies. The following three variations are known: Repeating numbers or unlabelled copies (probable dropouts from quality control) and some unnumbered copies displayed in the Minneapolis NPG Store. Currently #0002 is for sale in the Discogs Marketplace.