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Discogs launches September Pledge Initiative — S.P.IN. — to diversify database

Over 425,000 Discogs Contributors Called To Enhance And Preserve The Diversity Of The Discogs Database.

Discogs released this press release today:

PORTLAND, OR September 4, 2018 - Discogs, the world's foremost Database, Marketplace, and Community for physical music will launch a new variant on the annual September Pledge Initiative. Today, Database diversity becomes the precedent over volume of submissions for S.P.IN. Over the 30 days of September, Discogs will call upon the support of more than 425,000 Discogs Contributors to enhance and preserve the diversity of the Discogs Database by focusing on underrepresented regions like Asia and Latin America as well as less popular formats like Shellac, Cassettes, and 8-Tracks. All to support the Discogs mission of building the biggest and most comprehensive music Database in the world.

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More information and updated stats throughout the S.P.IN. at Discogs recently releases its 2018 Mid-Year Marketplace Analysis & Database Highlights featuring a deep dive into 2018 data thus far.

S.P.IN. will include the opportunity to contribute to multiple new platforms based on the Discogs ecosystem. S.P.IN. campaigns focused on VinylHub, Gearogs, Filmogs, Bookogs, Posterogs, and Comicogs all have important goals based on increasing Database submissions for September. Each S.P.IN. campaign landing page will have a simple guide on how to submit your favorite new record shop, piece of gear, film, book, or comic.


Discogs S.P.IN.

Gearogs S.P.IN.

VinylHub S.P.IN.

Filmogs S.P.IN.

Bookogs S.P.IN.

Comicogs S.P.IN.

Posterogs S.P.IN.

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