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'Doo Wop Shop' ready to be heard in a different format

'50s/'60s rock 'n' roll radio show to come on the air again, via the internet

Heard for years on WCBS-FM (New York), Don K. Reed will now be broadcasting on The Belmonts Internet Radio. Doo wop fans can now hear Don K. Reed in all new episodes with the best of the fifties and sixties doo wop groups.


In 2002, the on-air personalities and The Doo Wop Shop were taken off the air to make way for a new format, Jack Radio. Subsequently because of loss of revenue CBS was forced to revert back to their oldies format. In the shuffle, the Doo Wop Shop did not return to the airwaves.

Don K. Reed never stopped thinking about the listeners and when The Belmonts (of Dion and the Belmonts fame) approached him to revive the Doo Wop Shop for their internet radio station, which is programmed by The Belmonts following Joe McCoy's original CBS-FM “oldies” style, he agreed.

As Don K. Reed observes: “With sites like Pandora and aol radio coming into their own and the internet serving as mass communication medium connecting the whole world still in its infancy, the time is perfect to bring the Doo Wop Shop back“.

The first show is scheduled to air on Sunday, June 5th, 2011, at 7-9 PM. The show will be repeated on Wednesday and Friday nights at 7 PM and new episodes will be aired on the first Sunday of every month. The first guests will be Larry Chance and The Earls.

About The Belmonts Internet Radio: The Belmonts Internet Radio, programmed by the artists of that era, was developed by The Belmonts (formerly of Dion and the Belmonts) to fill the void for fans of original rock and roll music.