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Elton John original photographs showcased for purchase via SFAE

Iconic photographs of Sir Elton John by Terry O'Neill and others set for purchase via the San Francisco Art Exchange (SFAE).
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There is much to celebrate about Sir Elton John - An artist in every sense of the word, he is a global icon not only for his countless achievements in music — including strings of blockbuster hits and the hundreds of millions of albums sold over his decades long career — but also in his trademark over-the-top stage costumes and sensational performances. He has been awarded nearly all of the most prestigious honors in the Arts for his talents and received a CBE from the Queen of England for his charitable services with the Elton John AIDS Foundation in addition to his remarkable musical contributions.

In early 2018, after breaking yet more world records with his live performance residencies in Las Vegas, Elton John decided to retire officially from performing in order to stay close to home for his two young sons. He is currently bidding farewell to his millions of devoted fans with a massive, multi-year world tour.

In addition to embarking on his farewell tour, he spent the last year producing Rocketman, the spectacular biographical musical film based on his life, which was officially released in the U.S. Friday.

To commemorate this visually stunning film which delves into the thrill of his breakthrough into stardom and the struggles that come with success, SFAE have curated an appropriately fabulous selection of great photographs from the 1970s-80s that capture some of the glamour and charisma that has helped make him a permanent fixture in Rock & Roll history. SFAE have a variety of these showcased on our website, and a more complete collection available via email (link below).

Among the photographers who captured iconic images of Elton John, you can't help but notice that several of Terry O'Neill's images are the basis for much of the advertising created for the film — having been recreated with Taron Egerton, who plays Elton John in the film. Terry is one of the most highly regarded photographers of his generation, with countless album covers to his credit — including several of Elton's — in addition to some of the most well known and collected imagery in music and Hollywood including shots of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Frank Sinatra and so many more.

If you have considered acquiring a photograph of Elton John, one of the most visually dynamic, engaging, and influential performers in history, please contact SFAE today to request more information, or to receive a PDF catalog.