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Hendrix photographer Gered Mankowitz and Table-Turned Vinyl Service are Podcast guests

Jimi Hendrix photographer Gered Mankowitz and the owner of Table-Turned vinyl subscription service are guests on episode 11 of the Goldmine Magazine Podcast.

Goldmine, the Music Collector’s Magazine, reports on the music collecting hobby and interviews classic music artists with The Goldmine Magazine Podcast, posted twice a month and available via iTunes.

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Episode 11
Photographer Gered Mankowitz and Table-Turned Vinyl Subscription Service

British Invasion photographer Gered Mankowitz had already taken iconic photographs of The Rolling Stones and other bands around Swingin' London in the '60s when Jimi Hendrix showed up in the U.K. in 1966. Mankowitz ended up taking an iconic shot of Jimi in the studio, posing with a fashionable military jacket. Our first podcast in November coincides with our November print issue on Jim Hendrix (Gered Mankowitz' Hendrix print is on the cover) and Mankowitz shares his memories of Hendrix and the London scene circa late 1966-1967. A fun discussion with a photographer who was in the middle of it all.

We also discuss vinyl subscription services with Table-Turned owner Dane Erbach. Table-Turned is a vinyl subscription service that uses a business platform around indie labels and titles separated by genre for subscribers.