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Former ABBA guitarist releases new music

Swedish former ABBA guitarist Janne Schaffer releases new music for balmy summer nights.
A current photo of Swedish songwriter and guitarist Janne Schaffer. Photo by Lars Bergstrand/Pressbild.

A current photo of Swedish songwriter and guitarist Janne Schaffer. Photo by Lars Bergstrand/Pressbild.

Janne Schaffer is in his right element when meeting his audience to offer them his vast musical repertoire. Everyone who has ever been to a Schaffer concert knows that he has a sea of memories to draw from and that each song has its own story.

However, during the past year, the gigs have been far and few between, only consisting of a couple of digital concerts and some outdoor concerts in front of smaller audiences. Instead, Schaffer has been devoted to another favorite occupation of his – namely philanthropically supporting and helping young musicians.

Moreover, he has featured in “Take A Chance On Me” – a Dutch TV-series about ABBA, which has had over 2 million viewers every Friday. He was also pleased to hear that the Norwegian documentary ’Gnisten’, which tells the story about Schaffer’s 70s cult album ‘Earmeal’, was nominated as Best Short Documentary in one of Norway’s’ main documentary film festivals. In short, it’s been a different year.

”- I have been spending more time at home and therefore had more time to think about my life as a musician, in a way I normally don’t”, says Schaffer.

”- I have collaborated with so many different musicians and composers in very different contexts and been given the chance to create fantastic music. Some of this music has now been collated in the new album ‘Summer Night Music’.“

The album ’Summer Night Music’ contains Björn J:son Lindh’s’ Brusa högre lilla å’ (Sing Louder Little River), where Schaffer plays the melody part and also several of his own compositions like ‘Norrland’, ‘Claire’ and ‘Som ett nyfött barn’ (As A Newborn Child) plus Ted Gärdestad’s ‘The Reason’. There is also new material, never previously released, e.g. ‘En helt ny värld’ (Aladdin – A Whole New World), ‘En värld full av liv(Lion King – Circle Of Life) and ‘My heart will go on’ (Titanic) together with Norrköping Symphony Orchestra. Another new release is ’Håll mitt hjärta’ (Hold My Heart) with Markus Wargh, in a recording from a live concert.

’Summer Night Music’ will be released digitally on all available global platforms June 18.


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