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Goldmine Exclusive Song Premiere of “I Remember Dancing” from the duo Roses & Revolutions

Nettwork Records has released Roses & Revolutions’ “I Remember Dancing” single ahead of their mid-October six song EP “Midnight Monsters”
Roses single

As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Jewel’s debut hit single, “Who Will Save Your Soul,” we introduce you to a new song, capturing a similar essence, “I Remember Dancing,” from the Rochester, New York newlyweds Alyssa Coco and Matt Merritt, known as Roses & Revolutions. They told Goldmine, "’I Remember Dancing’ is about separating dreams from reality. It's like that feeling of déjà vu, that maybe you've been there before but you're not quite sure. Is this real? Am I dreaming? Am I awake? It's also about reminiscing over special moments with someone you're longing to be with again.”

Roses & Revolutions’ upcoming six song EP opens with the peaceful yet haunting sound of “Feeling Like Myself,” with Alyssa Coco’s vocals echoing the purity of Dido and the warm depth of Matt Merritt’s guitar inspired by the Spaghetti Western soundtracks of Ennio Morricone. “Coffee” is a steady tempo duet with Alyssa sharing a vocal exchange with electro pop artist Lostboycrow, and coming together for chorus harmonies, with lyrics about a couple in a fragile relationship that hopefully has a chance of salvaging.

Goldmine has more coverage of Roses & Revolutions’ Midnight Monsters planned for the fall. In the meantime, enjoy this this tender finale from the indie-pop duo’s upcoming EP, a Goldmine exclusive premiere.

Alyssa Coco photo by Will Cornfield

Alyssa Coco photo by Will Cornfield

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