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Goldmine video premiere: "Bridge of Sighs" by Louise Goffin

Watch the Goldmine video premiere of the song "Bridge of Sighs" by Louise Goffin.
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Louise Goffin

Goldmine video premiere of "Bridge of Sighs" by Louise Goffin. Watch below.

"I first made a video of this song in Venice, Italy when I was signed to Warner Bros for my This Is the Place album," Louise Goffin explains. "I asked my father and my little sister to come to Venice so that Jay Brown could film them walking across St. Mark's Square.

"I re-recorded the song on my latest album All These Hellos and when it came to making a video this time, it felt like It had to be about me watching a movie of who I was in my twenties, and how the song still has meaning for who I am now.

"In a New York Times interview with Michael McDonald 2008, conducted by Darrell Brown, Michael was asked "What are your favorite songs, either current or for all time?" Michael McDonald: "The first one that comes to mind is “Hey Girl” by Carole King and Gerry Goffin, then “Bridge of Sighs” by Louise Goffin and then “You Don’t Know Me” by Cindy Walker and Eddy Arnold."

People who either contributed footage or appear in the video: "My father Gerry Goffin, my sister Lauren Goffin (as a little girl), Justin Kimball, Mindy Jones, Emmett Skyy (all three backing vocalists) Greg Leisz, Jon Button (plays with The Who) , Michael Jerome Moore (Richard Thompson, Better Than Ezra) Dave Way (multi-Grammy winning producer who engineered, mixed and co-produced All These Hellos) Tim Young (Beck, Fiona Apple, Todd Rundgren, Reggie Watts, James Corden’s show) , Wally Ingram, Ruel Lee, Hayden Wells and his friend and music collaborator Aiden Tauber. All the 1988 Venice Italy shots were filmed by my friend and video director, the late Jay Granville Brown. He loved shooting documentary footage on his hand-winding Bolex and loved going to rock and punk concerts running around with that camera.

"For the new video, I edited clips and selfies that were on my phone, selfies shot by me or my friends, and some were shot through a chain-link fence by my 16 year old son Hayden.

"Footage in this video were shot in NYC, LA, Joshua Tree & Venice, Italy.

"I know Prince heard this “Bridge of Sighs” when we were both on the same label and liked it. I was obsessed with his albums Around the World in A Day, Parade and Sign O' The Times.

"My co-writer, Reid Savage, who I lived with at the time in London, had made a track with the chords and music, on the half-inch 8 track reel to reel in our living room, and I went everywhere, streets, parks, pubs, and buses, wearing headphones, listening to it, writing the lyrics and melody over the track. I always say writing to an already arranged track is the hardest thing to do. It takes so much time to match the feeling with the right words and melody. Sometimes one phrase that isn’t right can take weeks to find. It’s got to sound like it’s all meant to be together.

“'Bridge of Sighs' was the last song recorded for my This Is the Place album. I played bass on the original. I had no idea this song would last this long and still be loved all these years later. The version in this new video if from All These Hellos.

"Thank you, Goldmine."

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