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Be sure to grab a copy of our annual Prog Rock Issue!

Goldmine Magazine February 2011: The Prog Rock Issue

What is prog rock? Grab a copy of the February 2011 issue of Goldmine and get a great start on your progressive rock education! Of course, advanced students will find plenty to entertain, too.

(Be sure to head to your local Barnes & Noble or Borders to snag a copy, or, better yet, click here to subscribe today!)

We go through the years with Yes, the iconic prog band that's been through the roundabout of changes in its 40 years, but has always produced strong music (including the album it's working on in the studio now.) We'll also walk you through who's who (or who was, in some cases) in the band.

Speaking of Yes, we catch up with Flash, the 1970s British prog-rock band that was a short-lived spinoff band. The original incarnation imploded in 1973, but founding members Ray Bennett and Colin Carter have formed a new Flash, and the band is back in business.

What Prog Rock issue could be complete without perennial heavy hitters Genesis? This time, we catch up with guitar virtuouso Steve Hackett, who was part of the five-man core of Genesis' classic era lineup from 1971-1975. Plus, drummer Carl Palmer of Emerson, Lake and Palmer describes what it's like to be one of the best-respect drummers ever (and gives us his take on his latest project, "Working Live, Vol. III;" photographer Frank White takes us up to the front row of Roger Waters' latest concert extravaganza for "The Wall;" we check in with Neal Morse — the guy who may be best known for departing both Spock's Beard and Transatlantic because he was following God's path — and his new solo project, "Testimony II;" we hang out with progressive rock's second most famous flute player — Shadow Theory's Devon Graves; and we celebrate 10 years of classy, challenging music with RPWL, the prog band whose name was a bit of a joke, but whose music is anything but.

Also in this issue:

• Learn how Creed Bratton went from the lead guitarist of The Grass Roots to a character actor on the hit television series "The Office"

• Check out our list of the must-have SACDs for 2011

• Discover which 10 albums changed the life of Black Crowes drummer Steve Gorman

• Check out reviews for releases featuring The Doors, Ray Davies, Hank Williams, The Jayhawks, Pushking, John Waite, Frank Sinatra and the cool jazz of CTI Records

• See why all records deserve an Okki Nokki cleaning

• "Stay" a bit with R&B singer Maurice Williams of the Gladiolas and the Zodiacs

• Make room on the milk carton for Willie Brown's records — two of his three Paramount records have never been found, and dealer John Tefteller is offering up a five-figure reward to anyone who can produce either missing record in playable condition.