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Heart concert film coming to DVD and Blu-ray in March

“Night at Sky Church,” taped last year in Seattle, features guest Alison Krauss on three songs
Nancy (top) and Ann Wilson of Heart

Nancy (top) and Ann Wilson of Heart

The Heart concert film “Night at Sky Church” will be released March 8 via Legacy Recordings.

Taped in March 2010 at the Experience Music Project in Seattle, the full-length concert film contains performances of the band’s best-known material and features country/bluegrass star Alison Krauss on three songs, among them “These Dreams.”

“Working with Ann and Nancy Wilson far exceeded any expectation of how talented and beautiful I already thought they were,” said Krauss in a statement issued Feb. 15.

VH1 Classic is scheduled to air a broadcast edition of “Night at Sky Church” during the week of its DVD/Blu-ray release.