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iHaveit launch a free-to-use music collection and trading platform for vinyl and other formats

iHaveit provides music collectors and independent record stores a new and easy way to buy and sell music
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LONDON, ( - ​As the demand for vinyl records increases, up 19.2 percent in the U.S. in 2018 according to a report from Nielsen Music, a brand-new platform for collectors and traders of vinyl records and CDs has launched. iHaveit provides music collectors and independent record stores a new and easy way to sell their records and CDs while collectors have a great new platform to search, find and buy new items to build their collections and investment.

Vinyl records were thought to be dead in the mid-2000s, but over the last several years they have been making a marked comeback. Nielsen reports that 14 million vinyl LPs were sold in the United States in 2017. That’s a 1,000 percent increase from just 10 years earlier. The United Kingdom is also seeing a significant increase in music lovers seeking out vinyl. Nielsen reports in 2007, there were roughly 210,000 new vinyl albums sold in the UK. In 2017, 4.1 million were were bought, showing an increase of 1,852 percent.

“iHaveit is filling this new demand in the marketplace and providing a platform for those who want to buy and sell their vinyl records,” says Michael Veenswyk, founder and managing director of iHaveit.”

It can be very time consuming for collectors and traders to capture and itemize physical music collections, iHaveit provides an easy to use platform to do both.

Veenswyk adds, “There are a lot of rare valuable records that people placed into storage and forgot about years ago that they can now dust off and make available for sale on iHaveit.”

Vinyl has become a serious financial opportunity for both the sellers and buyers. An extreme example is a Beatles album that was sold for $790,000 in 2015. Collectors are willing to pay hundreds and in some cases tens of thousands of dollars for rare rock, punk, electronic, and jazz items.

iHaveit saw a gap in the market to connect the people at home who have a box of records with the collectors and investors. The platform also helps the owner work out the value of their collection and to place it easily for sale for the collectors to find and buy.

Veenswyk says, “Buy an original Beatles, Hendrix, Sex Pistols or other classic rock album for yourself or as a gift. Take the first step in an investment in collecting original printed vinyl as this may become a solid future investment and fun nostalgia event for you, your family and friends.”

iHaveit provides a centralized location to find and buy many rare collectable music items, both new and used, and helps estimate the financial value of records and CDs. Hundreds of record stores and collectors are adding their collections to iHaveit weekly, by manually adding or by using the bulk importer tool, providing a very simple way to connect the sellers with the buyers.

It’s free to use and search, and less costly than other platforms like eBay and Amazon when selling items. iHaveit will collect only six percent sales commission for items sold compared to other sites that can take upwards of 15 percent plus sales commission.

To learn more about the new music platform and company, visit iHaveit.

About iHaveit

iHaveit connects collectors of physical music such as vinyl and CD's with the independent record stores, traders, and other valued networks to help them buy and sell items that help build their perfect music collections. For more information, visit iHaveit.