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In Memoriam: Bonni J. Miller

Bonni J. Miller, once a critical part of the editorial staff of Goldmine magazine, combined her journalism education and love of music to guide a Krause music publication through hectic deadlines.

Bonni J. Miller
July 24, 1962 - July 27, 2020

By Greg Loescher


Leaving us way too soon, the ever-smiling Bonni Miller has joined the heavenly concert crowds in the sky, most likely cooking up a storm for the bands with her culinary skills. The proverbial right place, right time applied to Bonni when she was hired to work for Goldmine magazine in the late 1980s, shifting from another position at Krause Publications. Ah, joy! Combining her journalism education and love of music with a magazine that loves music was a dream come true.

Those days publishing was so much different than now. I took over as publisher (another right place, right time situation) in 1990. Back then articles were edited by hand by editor Jeff Tamarkin in New Jersey, Fed Ex’d to Bonni, typeset by our production department, Fed Ex’d back to Jeff for final editing/proofing, Fed Ex’d back to Bonni when final typesetting was done. Then the galleys were pasted up, shot with a large production camera, and turned into page negatives, which were then driven about an hour to Goldmine’s printer. A far cry from today’s desktop publishing!

It was a laborious process fraught with the time constraints of deadlines. Bonni (and Jeff!) persevered throughout, and Bonni was still smiling and upbeat despite the deadline pressures. Our company motto back then was “On time, all the time,” so meeting that deadline was imperative. The production manager was always on my case come deadline day to try to expedite the process. Bonni had her own pace, somehow always made the deadline and still somehow was always smiling throughout the “ordeal.”

When she left Goldmine/Krause Publications we still stayed in touch, just not on a daily basis. Two friends of mine, who were also Krause alumni, were the publisher and editor of Our Community Spirit, a local monthly newspaper published in a town just to the west of Iola. A few years ago they were seeking a new editor so the current one could retire. Bonni applied. My two friends contacted me about her work history, and she was hired. Bonni was all about community, and the small village newspaper was the perfect fit. Again, right place, right time for her.

We never know when our “right time” will be. Bonni’s passing at the young age of 58 did not seem to be the right time. But it was, and she is missed. Put a smile on today in her honor.


Greg Loescher is a former circulation sales manager, publisher, and editor of Goldmine