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Jack White shares his thoughts with Third Man Records' Ben Blackwell for Discogs

Jack White shares a video interview with Discogs and then Third Man Records' Ben Blackwell describes his rarest Jack White releases.

Discogs teamed up with The White Stripes archivist and Third Man Records co-founder Ben Blackwell to deliver an exclusive Jack White interview in which only Mr. Blackwell can deliver. A veritable "This Is Your Life, Jack White," Blackwell surprises White with mementos from his childhood, musical career, and formative influences pulling insight into Jack's creative process, the meaning of the new album title, and Jack's affinity toward's various carbonated beverages are revealed through each item Blackwell reveals. Watch the entire interview below.

Blackwell then provides an in-depth look at some of the rarest releases from Jack White's cannon with A Guide To The Most Rare Jack White Releases. From The White Stripes "The Denial Twist" 3-inch release that you can only acquire if Jack personally gives you a copy, to the long-thought nonexistent "Your Furniture Was Always Dead... I Was Just Afraid To Tell You" from The Upholsterers, hidden in furniture that bandmate Brian Muldoon upholstered celebrating his 25th year of being in business as an upholsterer. You can check out the entire list HERE. Or click on the image below.

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