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(Los Angeles, CA) – April 27, 2020 – In this situation the world currently finds itself, people are turning to music for comfort — specifically classic tunes that remind them of a much better time. John Fogerty’s iconic songs, penned beginning over 50 years ago when he launched the band Creedence Clearwater Revival through to his solo catalog, are resonating as much today as they did when they were the hits of the time in 1969-1972.

 The Fogerty Family recently launched “Fogerty’s Factory” as part of a YouTube series launched while self-quarantining together. During the isolation, the family took to their home studio to create music together. They took it one step further, recreating the cover of “Cosmo’s Factory” – transforming it into “Fogerty’s Factory”!

 Tonight, Fogerty and his talented family will be the musical guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert singing “Have You Ever Seen the Rain”. Joining John are his sons, Shane and Tyler in addition to his daughter Kelsy. The show airs tonight at 11:35 pm ET/10:35 pm CT on CBS.

 While creating the YouTube video series, the family filmed a coveted NPR "Tiny Desk" appearance which is now dubbed ‘Tiny Desk (at home) Concerts'. The episode debuted on Friday, April 24 and featured John’s own Tiny Desk – a road case straight from Woodstock! In the segment Fogerty “plays three of his CCR classics from 50 years ago (still singing in the same key), surrounded by family and sending out words of encouragement to all of us.”

Last week, The Fogerty’s also debuted an hour-long radio special for SiriusXM - The Fogerty Rockin’ Family Hour began airing on April 22nd on the Classic Vinyl channel before also debuting on Volume channel 106 and is currently available on demand. The show gives an intimate look inside the songwriters life including questions from his sons, Shane and Tyler (who also front a band, Hearty Har), about his life and music. The Family also performed more classic songs from his catalog. Video from the special is available on the SiriusXM app which is available to anyone through May 15th.

Soon after the quarantine began, Fogerty took to his backyard and inside his home to release a trio of songs for Rolling Stone’s In My Room video series which launched as the “Stay at Home” worldwide quarantine began. To date it has amassed nearly 2 million views.

 As reported by Billboard, this new content from John Fogerty “has provided a boost . . . between his online appearances and the music he and his family have recreated as ‘Fogerty’s Factory,’ video views have topped 4 million with overall streaming up 17% over the past month.”


Coming up on June 26, 2020 a Walmart exclusive, limited edition tie-dye 2-LP picture disc of John Fogerty’s 50 Year Trip: Live at Red Rocks will be available. Fans can pre-order it now.