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Ken Sharp introduces a 32-song lo-fi album called "miniatures"

Fans of Sharp's music catalog will enjoy this trip into his acoustic-driven world of "miniatures."

Ken Sharp begins his latest addition to his bandcamp page with a simple note: "Introducing my new album, miniatures." 

And for only $10 you can download this digital only, low-fi effort, recorded by Sharp alone at home (with guests Fernando Perdomo and Kaitlin Wolfberg popping in and out to contribute a few tracks). It's 32 songs, of 1-2 minute "miniatures." A "lending testament to the beauty in simplicity," as Sharp puts it.

An album that is intimate and introspective, and a bit baroque in places, miniatures is also an acoustic-flavored record with dollops of melody, layers of vocals, guitars galore, punctuated by colorful bursts of piano, harpsichord, ebow, organ, mellotron, moog, celeste, vibes, glockenspiel and bell trees.

Fans of Sharp's music catalog will enjoy this trip into his musical world of miniatures.

Released April 1, 2021
Produced by Ken Sharp
Recorded at Union Jack Studios, Encino, CA
Ken Sharp-lead and background vocals, acoustic guitar, Nashville guitar, lead guitar, bass, mellotron, piano, synth, bell tree, maracas, percussion.

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miniatures will be released soon in other formats. Stay tuned.

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