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Kingdom Come to come back with 'new' album

A new album, "Rendered Waters" (out on April 5 in North America), which features eight old and three newly recorded songs.

Vocalist Lenny Wolf brings Kingdom Come back with a new album "Rendered Waters" (out on April 5 in North America, March 25 in Germany and March 28 in Europe), which features eight old and three newly recorded songs. The new recordings of old material show Kingdom Come's contemporary vision. "I purposely chose tracks from the very early days to show how we play, hear and feel the songs nowadays," says Wolf. "Listening habits have changed dramatically, especially among the younger audience, which made it exciting for me to breathe new life into numbers which have not been heard for a while."


According to Wolf, the guitars feature a more tube-oriented sound and warmer, more driving tone: "Just to give it an overall 2011 vibe. Of course, you can only change songs to a certain extent if you don't want to lose the character and central theme of the original version." None of the songs have been reinvented, but have a noticeable new approach to them. On the other hand, Wolf changed the verse of "I've Been Trying" completely, giving it a different arrangement, just like he transported the song "Seventeen" into the year 2011. ""Seventeen" has always been kind of a key song for Kingdom Come, yet it has never received much attention since it has a very non-commercial approach and is either loved or hated, but with the new version it will hopefully get the recognition it deserves."

LINE-UP: Lenny Wolf - vocals, Eric Förster - guitars, Nada Rahy - drums, Frank Binke - bass


01. Can´t Deny (new recorded version)

02. The Wind (new recorded version)

03. Blue Trees (brand new song)

04. Should I (new recorded version)

05. I´ve Been Trying (new recorded version)

06. Pushing Hard (new recorded version)

07. Seventeen (new recorded version)

08. Is It Fair Enough (brand new song)

09. Living Out Of Touch (new recorded version)

10. Don`t Remember (brand new song)

11. Break Down The Wall (new recorded version)

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