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Lemmy teams up to release 'Headcat' CD

Members of Motörhead, The Stray Cats, and Lonesome Spurs team up for new HeadCat release

LEMMY KILMISTER (Motörhead, Hawkwind), SLIM JIM PHANTOM (The Stray Cats) and DANNY B. HARVEY (Rockats, 13 Cats, Lonesome Spurs), have teamed up in a high-energy combo called HeadCat. The band describes itself as "a melting pot of rockabilly, punk, blues and undeniable rock 'n roll."


HeadCat was formed in 2000 after recording an Elvis Presley tribute special to which all band members contributed. Slim Jim Phantom (drums, percussion), was born in Brooklyn and listened to his parents’ jazz records. At the age of ten he took up the drums although he always says that the drums chose him.

Danny B. Harvey (guitar, piano) is Texas born and also discovered his love for music very early. He started playing the guitar at the age of six and even got a full scholarship to study classical guitar. He developed a finger picking guitar style that’s very unique and based on his idols Merle Travis and Chet Atkins but also a result of his classical-technique education.

Lemmy Kilmister (vocals, bass, harmonica) was born and raised in England and started to play the guitar at the age of sixteen. He always said that he only took the guitar to impress the girls. He is an autodidact and changed early to bass as he stated he wasn’t a good guitar player.

The new HeadCat album ‘Walk The Walk...Talk The Talk’ is due to be released July 5th, 2011 through Niji Entertainment Group, the record label Wendy Dio and her and late husband Ronnie James Dio formed before his untimely passing.

Twelve songs for ‘Walk The Walk, Talk The Talk’ were chosen easily. HeadCat prepare to take over the airwaves with their first single 'American Beat'. ‘American Beat’ is a song written in the studio - Lemmy had the words and the rest came together very quickly. 'I Ain't Never' is one of the songs Lemmy really likes and Danny knew it - a real country, rockabilly number, full of love and ready to take you drifting away. 'Let It Rock' is one of their favorite Chuck Berry tunes - The Stones did it a lot in their live show in the 70's – HeadCat plays a different version. ‘Something Else’ is a classic Eddie Cochran - Lemmy came on stage with the Stray Cats and jammed on it at a show in the 90's at Hammersmith Odeon so it came quite natural to take this on the record as well.

'Walk The Walk...Talk The Talk' track listing confirmed as follows:
American Beat
Say Mama
I Ain’t Never
Bad Boy
Shaking All Over
Let It Rock
Something Else
The Eagle Flies On Friday
Trying To Get To You
You Can’t Do That
It’ll Be Me