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Mick Fleetwood releases new recording and video of "These Strange Times"

Mick Fleetwood’s Da*da*ism launches with new recording and video of "These Strange Times" available via Rhino Records.
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September 25, 2020 -- Rock & Roll Hall of Fame drummer Mick Fleetwood released a new recording and video for Mick Fleetwood’s Da*da*ism “These Strange Times,” available on Rhino Records. Originally released on Fleetwood Mac’s 16 studio album Time in 1995, the song was re-recorded adding thirty seconds of Peter Green’s “Albatross” to the end of the song and set to a brand-new video.

Inspired by an eighteenth-century painting, the newly released video and accompanying single artwork are centered around the idea of something greater than us, which lies at the core of our very human struggle to be our best selves. 

“The project is about the energy of choice, of deciding if you want to be a part of the dark or the light when push comes to shove, which seems very apropos at this moment in history,” Fleetwood says. “It’s about how you read things, which is very important today. Everyone needs to be carefully paying attention to the information coming our way. There is subtext to everything and we need to be aware of that. When I first encountered the painting that inspired the photoshoot, it was a soul-searching exercise that I was driven to do but I didn’t know when would be the time to release it. Now I know why: the when is now.”

The spoken-word poem at the center of the song finds the narrator, Fleetwood, questioning his feelings and his thoughts, as he has found himself stuck between the dark and the light. The video is meant to be as thought provoking as the song is hypnotic, as the lyrics detail the struggle of the narrator.

“I hope the song conveys that life is about choice,” Fleetwood says. “God is everything, no matter what your belief system is. Being in love is God, no matter your creed. There’s a rejoicing at the end of the song when the narrator chooses the side of the light. The song is about all of us making that choice ourselves and the relief we feel when we are no longer caught in the middle.”

“This is something I wrote many years ago,” Fleetwood says, “and I want it to be nothing more than thought provoking. I want people to see and hear what they will in it. My hope is that by sharing these thought-provoking moments in my world that I can somehow open the eyes of others to things in their world and to the existence we all share, which is more and more endangered with each passing day.”

Click here to find out more on “These Strange Times” as told by Mick Fleetwood with Anthony Bozza:

Song Credits:

Title: These Strange Times

Artist: Mick Fleetwood’s Da * da * ism

Composers: Mick Fleetwood, Ray Kennedy and Peter Green

Executive Producers: Mick Fleetwood and Carl Stubner

Produced by Lynn Peterson, Mick Fleetwood, John Jones and Ray Kennedy

Recorded and Mixed by: Lynn Peterson and John Jones

Additional Engineering: Jimmy Hotz

Recorded in the USA

Vocals: Mick Fleetwood & Bekka Bramlett

Lead Guitars: Rick Vito

Acoustic Guitars, Drums & Percussion: Mick Fleetwood

Bass Guitar: John Jones

Keyboards: Ricky Peterson & John Jones

Background vocals: Lucy Fleetwood