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Musical instrument care leader presents a vinyl record cleaning and care kit

Music Nomad Equipment Care excited to announce a vinyl cleaning kit.

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From Sonoma, CA, Music Nomad Equipment Care announces a vinyl cleaning kit via the following press release:

MusicNomad is helping your equipment look, sound and play the best with the introduction of their innovative Vinyl Record Cleaning and Care Kit. 

Since 2010, MusicNomad, the leader in musical instrument care, has developed over 100 cleaning and care products used by musicians in over 40 countries. Using their expertise in developing cutting edge cleaning for-mulations and innovative cleaning tools, they have set a new higher standard for what you should expect when you buy a Vinyl Record Cleaning & Care Kit. Each product is so well thought out that you will appreciate each 6 'n 1 feature & benefit it brings to help your records. Their proprietary anti-static cleaning formulation is made in the USA and comes in a generous 4 oz/120mL bottle. De-signed by their Sonoma, CA team, the patent pending 3 'n 1 Clean/Dry/Dust Pad is like no other. The innovative ergo-nomic handle gives you unmatched control and comfort you will appreciate. They include a clever 2 'n 1 Stylus Cleaner brush with 20,000 micro bristles for effective cleaning. Turn it around to use their unique V-Cut Bristle design with 3 rows to quickly and efficiently remove dust from the cleaning pad. The large ergonomic handle is an unmatched feature adding to the enjoyment of your cleaning experience. 

"We looked at every other Vinyl Cleaning Kit offered and then focused on making sure every MusicNomad product and feature built into them would be best in class," says Rand Rognlien, CEO. 

"Having our expertise in cleaning and care of musical instruments, we were able to develop something that raises the bar in Vinyl Record Care," Rognlien adds.

Available now for $19.99 USD MN890 – MusicNomad 6 ‘n 1 Next Level Vinyl Record Cleaning & Care Kit HERE



MusicNomad Equipment Care was launched in 2010 and has products in over 1000 US Dealers and 40+ countries. Their award winning guitar, drum and cymbal care products are used in the factories of Suhr, Knaggs, Kala, Tom Anderson and Eastman Strings in addition to DW Drum and more. They won Best in Show for Add-Ons and Accessories at NAMM twice. Music Nomad has Surface Care and Repair Tool products for Guitar, Drum and Cymbal, Band and Orchestra and Piano and Keyboard equip-ment along with an extensive line of Humidification care products. A portion of all equipment care sales contributes money to help musicians through their giving back initiatives such as One For Music, Guitar Tracker and