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Neil Young to release new album — "Earth"

A new take on some of Young's most beloved songs, "Earth" features live recordings, along with added musical overdubs, as well as sounds of the earth.

April 28, 2016 - (Burbank, CA) -Neil Young will release a new album, entitled "EARTH," on June 17th via Reprise Records. The album features performances of songs from a range of Young's albums, including last year's "The Monsanto Years," 1990's "Ragged Glory," and 1970's "After the Gold Rush." The audio was captured during Young's 2015 tour with The Promise of the Real, fronted by Lukas Nelson (vocals/guitar) and Micah Nelson (guitar, vocals) - Willie Nelson's sons. The tour included Young performing solo and with the band for a full electric show.


A new take on some of Young's most beloved songs, "EARTH" features the live recordings, along with added musical overdubs, as well as sounds of the earth, such as city sounds like car horns, sounds of insects, and animal sounds from bears, birds, crickets, bees, horses, cows - creating a very strange, yet beautiful atmosphere.

"Ninety-eight uninterrupted minutes long, EARTH flows as a collection of 13 songs from throughout my life, songs I have written about living here on our planet together," says Young. "Our animal kingdom is well represented in the audience as well, and the animals, insects, birds, and mammals actually take over the performances of the songs at times."

On Friday, May 6th, in Los Angeles between 7:00pm - 9:00pm, The Natural History Museum Los Angeles County will present "An Evening With Neil Young", as part of their "First Fridays" event series. "First Fridays" is a monthly event at the Natural History Museum that includes live music, DJ sets, and scientific discussions/presentations. For this event, Young will present the first public playback of his upcoming release, EARTH in its entirety in Pono high definition fidelity audio. Young will deliver the opening portion of the program with his insights and explanation of the making of EARTH, and its contents. This will be the first-ever public album preview by Young in his career and the first event of its kind for NHM. For tickets and further details, go to: "First Fridays".

Coming out one week prior on June 10th are two rare films - the critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic musical comedy "Human Highway" and the concert feature "Rust Never Sleeps" — for the first time on DVD and B Highway" is Young's 1982 comedy starring Russ Tamblyn, Charlotte Stewart, Dean Stockwell, Dennis Hopper, and Devo, which has been digitally restored for the DVD and Blu Ray release. "Rust Never Sleeps" is the full-length feature about Young's 1978 concert tour and includes Young's most popular songs, showcasing classic hits such as "I Am a Child," featuring Crazy Horse, "Cinnamon Girl," "Like A Hurricane" and both the acoustic and electric versions of his landmark song "Hey Hey, My My."

Revised track-listing for "EARTH" is as follows:

"Mother Earth" (from "Ragged Glory")
"Seed Justice" (previously unreleased)
"My Country Home" (from "Ragged Glory")
"The Monsanto Years" (from "The Monsanto Years")
"Western Hero" (from "Sleeps With Angels")
"Vampire Blues" (from "On The Beach")
"Hippie Dream" (from "Landing On Water")
"After The Gold Rush" (from "After The Gold Rush")
"Human Highway" (from "Comes a Time")
"Big Box" (from "The Monsanto Years")
"People Want to Hear About Love" (from "The Monsanto Years")
"Wolf Moon" (from "The Monsanto Years")
"Love & Only Love" (from "Ragged Glory")