Plenty of joy at Robert Plant's Band of Joy listening party in NYC

Goldmine attended a listening party for "Band of Joy," Robert Plant's new release last night in New York City. The tracks turned out to be eclectic and very Robert.
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Robert Plant's Band of Joy will be released in September

Robert Plant's Band of Joy will be released in September

Your friends from Goldmine attended a listening party for "Band of Joy," Robert Plant's new release, last night in New York City. The new disc, produced with Americana musician Buddy Miller in Nashville for Rounder Records, will be in stores and online in late September.

The tracks are eclectic but very Robert — uptempo, bluegrass and rockabilly influences with some power-chords nicely interspersed. One track with Patty Griffin's vocals backing Robert's reminded us of his collaboration with Alison Krauss, but Robert compared it to the Cocteau Twins crossed with the Shangri-Las.

Robert looked great and gave props to epic American musical strains emanating out of out-of-the way, south of the Mason-Dixon line locales. He's headed that way for an abbreviated tour this summer "without the record — not even the Eagles would do that."

Robert said it's taken him 41 years to get to the essence of the American psyche through its music. Though his collaboration with Alison demonstrated Robert's grasp of the American soul, these tracks illustrate he continues to create distinctive, interesting music for and about us.

For all of you Led Zeppelin fans, don't expect a ZoSo reunion anytime soon. Robert's reference to "getting nowhere near churning out music" for the sake of it was code for no plans to revisit O2.

But at least he paid homage to the notorious Zep days with a nostalgic aside about only being able to survive U.S. tours on shots of penicillin. Those days have already been well documented for Robert's original band of joy.

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