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Popdudes new single to help assist the homeless and hungry

Author John M. Borack's power pop band Popdudes releases its latest single, "O-o-h Child”/“Share the Land.” All proceeds going to charity.

Author John M. Borack's power pop band Popdudes releases its latest single, "O-o-h Child”/“Share the Land,” with all proceeds going to charity.

John M. Borack: Several years ago, I began assisting with our church’s meal outreach for the homeless and hungry. I’ve met some wonderful people while doing this, and my eyes have been opened not only to the plight of the homeless, but also to folks with various health issues, and some who are lonely and just need someone to talk to (or to listen). There has been lots of laughter and good times, and there have been occasions when some tears have been shed.

It’s no secret that homelessness and mental health are very real problems that occur worldwide, but it really hits close to home when you have the opportunity to interact on a semi-regular basis with folks who are struggling with these issues. The photo you see above is of some of the attendees at the “grab ‘n’ go” meal we provided last Thursday. We also had several brand new sleeping bags on hand for whomever might be in need of one, and when I gave one to a gentleman named Jeff, he thanked us profusely and softly said, “It gets cold out there at night.”

Shifting gears (but not really): I’m sure some of you have also seen me mention on social media recently that my band Popdudes have a new single out on most of the digital platforms: covers of “O-o-h Child” and “Share the Land,” a preview of a 1970-themed compilation disc that my good friends at SpyderPop Records will be releasing early next year.

The way this all ties together is that thanks to my pals at Big Stir Records (who released the digital single), 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this new release go straight toward helping to provide food and other necessary items for the folks who visit our church’s meal outreach. The cost of the single is only $3.00 and here is the link to listen and purchase —or if you’d simply like to donate to assist some of the folks who could use a helping hand, you can also do so at this link:

So many people aren’t fortunate enough to have a hot meal or someone to talk to, so if you’d like to help make things a bit brighter for them—and hear two pretty cool tunes in the process—feel free to purchase the digital single or donate whatever you can afford.

Because it gets cold out there at night.